Sunday 16 February 2014


The internet is just terrible for our sense of self-worth. We can reach out and connect to the very best and most talented individuals in the world; we can read what they write, and even converse with them if we choose. It is only natural that we should compare ourselves to them and find ourselves wanting.

It is easy to retreat from this situation with a sense of despair and self-pity, but there is another thought that occurs to me also, and that thought is this: Role models are a red herring. Does your role model have a role model of his own? Probably not. You don't get to be an outstanding performer by emulating somebody else, nor (just) by competing with your peers, nor (just) by following your passion, nor (just) by putting in your 10,000 hours. True performance comes from owning an area of expertise; from living and breathing it. From having your identity and sense of self so totally wrapped up in it that you can do nothing else.

Clearly, this sucks for everybody else around you, so it is a path that not many people should follow .... which makes me feel a bit better about my own inadequacies.

So there.

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